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Conditions of Use and Ordering

Local History Online encourages the use of images from its collections, but we ask that when you use an image, you observe the following conditions in order to ensure they are used appropriately and with integrity.

Conditions of Use - Images
Private or public use of images
Ordering an image for private use
Ordering an image for publication, display or commercial use
Newspaper Articles
Oral Histories and Archives
Formats and prices
Payment options
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Conditions of Use - Images

The images on this site are primarily for private study or research. Before you can use an image from this site for any other purpose, you will need to:

All applications to reproduce items from Local History Online are granted on a one-off basis for the specific purpose outlined by you. Applications are made by downloading, filling in and returning an Application for Reproduction Rights Form (see Ordering for Publication, below) and sending it to Local History Online along with your Order Form. Our contact details are below.

For any commercial use or publication of an image on this site, permission must be sought first, and images must be used in accordance with each participating library's conditions of use policies. Participating libraries reserve the right to refuse the publication or commercial use of images.

The Contributing Libraries

The images on this site are digital reproductions of photographs held in the archive collections at the following Auckland libraries: Takapuna, Waitakere Central and Whangaparoa. These collections include photographs taken by library and council staff, original photographs donated to the libraries or loaned so that copies can be made, and reprints of photographs owned by third parties (including other institutions, newspapers or commercial photographers).

Third Party Images

Some of the images in these have originally come from other institutional collections, including the Alexander Turnbull Library and Auckland Museum. These institutions have granted permission for thumbnails of their images to be displayed on Local History Online.

All Council staff please note:

Please do not upload image files from Local History Online to other in-house Council databases, servers, hard drives or external storage media without permission from Local History Online, as many of the images are owned by third parties who have only granted permission for their specific display on this site.

Council staff must apply for reproduction permission and (where appropriate) clear copyright before using any image on this site in a public document, display or presentation. If you have any questions about use, please contact us at Local History Online or see the information on copyright, below.

Appropriate use

Images from this site must be used without modification, and may not be altered, cropped, colourised, distorted or overlaid in any way by text or by other images. Public or commercial use must also be sensitive to the content of the image on ethical or cultural grounds. If you have any concerns over whether your use of the image will meet these requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Private or Public Use of Images

Images on this site may be used for private use or research, but if they are publicly displayed or published in any format, permission must first be sought from Local History Online, and where appropriate, copyright cleared with the copyright holder.

Examples of public use are:

Please apply for permission by completing and returning an Application for Reproduction Rights Form along with your Order Form (see the Ordering section, below).


While the physical items in the Image Collections are owned by the contributing libraries, the libraries do not always own the copyright to the images you will find on this site. Copyright is a statutory right that allows the creator to receive payment for any reproduction of their work for a defined period of time. For photographs, this period is fifty years from the end of the year in which the photographer died.

In practice, this means that most images on this site dated 1935 or later are likely to still be in copyright to the photographer or his/her executors rather than to the contributing libraries, even if they own the physical item. As the user of the image, it is your responsibility to clear copyright in writing before you can use a copyright image from Local History Online, but wherever possible, we will help in providing you with contact details.

Local History Online does not accept responsibility for any unauthorised reproduction of an image from this site.


Acknowledgements must accompany any use of an image from Local History Online, preferably as a caption directly below the image. The acknowledgement must include

This information can be found in the record that accompanies each image on Local History Online.

Acknowledgements should take this format:
[Photographer], [Date]. [Title in italics], [Library name]. [Collection if relevant] [ID Number]

For example:

Ordering an image for private use

Order Form

Ordering an image for publication, public display or other commercial use

Further reproduction through publication or display requires additional permission and charges. If you have not already done so, please read the Conditions of Use section above before placing your order.

Order Form
Application for Reproduction Rights Form

Newspaper Articles

If you would like a copy of an article, please contact us for further information (contact details are below). Your email should include the title, date and page reference of the article(s) you are interested in.

Charge for supply of newspaper articles- Auckland Libraries charges a research fee for in-depth local history enquiries undertaken by staff on behalf of the customer. The fee is as follows: Free for the first 30 mins, then $20 per 30 mins thereafter. Please note that if your request is for more than 5 articles it may attract the research fee. We will contact you and advise you if this is the case so that you can decide whether to go ahead with your order.

Copyright - If you intend to use the article for anything other than private research, you will first need to clear copyright with the newspaper. Local History Online can advise with contact details.

Oral Histories and Archives

Please contact Local History Online to ask about access to oral history recordings and archives held by the contributing libraries. Under most circumstances, you will need to visit the library in person to listen to or watch an oral history recording, but where the deposit agreement between the person being interviewed and the library permits, it may be possible to make a copy of a recording for you.

The archives held by the contributing libraries are not currently available in digital format, and at present, access to the physical archive is by appointment only.

Please contact us if you would like any further information about a specific recording or archive — our details are below.

Formats and Prices for Photographs

The following formats are available. (All prices include GST):

Digital File
JPEG (by email)No charge
JPEG (on CD)$15 per image plus $8 for the CD
High resolution TIF (only available on CD)$15 per image plus $8 for the CD
Print from Digital File
4 by 6 inches (11 by 16 cm)$7
5 by 7 inches (13 by 18 cm)$9
6 by 8 inches (15 by 20 cm)$13
8 by 10 inches (20 by 25 cm)$20
10 by 15 inches (25 by 48 cm)$39

* Sepia - add an extra 50%
* Larger sizes may be available on request

Postage and Delivery
$3(within NZ)
Courier delivery - please contact us to arrange this (contact details below).

Reproduction Fee

The reproduction fee is charged in recognition of the cost to Auckland Libraries of the ongoing care and preservation of the physical photograph collections, and of the work involved in digitising and indexing the photographs so they can be made available to you online.

Book or magazine publication  Publishers please supply a copy of the book or magazine.
University thesisNo reproduction fee charged. Please acknowlege the library from whose collection the image has come.
Not-for-profit organisationNo reproduction fee charged. Please acknowlege the library from whose collection the image has come.
Public display$100 per image . Auckland Libraries reserves the right to waive the display fee under certain circumstances (for example displays by not-for-profit groups or individuals).
Promotional/marketing use$100 per image

Copyright Fee

Copyright holders may charge a separate copyright fee or royalty payable to them for commercial or public use of their image. This fee is separate from any reproduction fee charged by Local History Online, above. Where copyright is owned by Auckland Libraries or by the former North Shore, Waitakere or Rodney Libraries, no separate copyright fee is charged. If an image is known to be out of copyright and in the public domain, copyright fees do not apply.

Payment Options

In person:Cash, cheques, eftpos and credit cards are accepted.
Within NZ:Cheques and credit cards are accepted.
Outside NZ:  International money orders are accepted.

Contact details - where to send your enquiry or order form

All requests

Email:  NZClibrarian@shorelibraries.govt.nz
Fax:(09) 486-8519
Post: Local History Online Photograph Orders
c/- NZ Collection Librarian
Takapuna Library
The Strand, Takapuna
North Shore 0622

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